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Guiding every decision we make are our fundamental values of preserving the health and safety of our employees, and preserving the environment. RPR Hydro management is firmly committed to the continuous improvement of the safety of its installations.
In a context where more than one third of the powerhouses in the world have between 30 and 50 years of age, and where environmental questions become more and more important, power producers are pressured to find innovative solutions to diminish the negative environmental impact of their operations. The performance of the hydroelectric stations is scrutinized and studied so that efficiency, power, and lifespan can be increased.
Refurbishing old equipment is a method of choice to attain that objective. Refurbishments require minimal investments and short execution cycles. This is one of the greenest forms of energy: the environmental impact is negligible since existing resources and infrastructure are used.
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The salient pole, an essential component of any large generator!

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